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Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae”.

 Of all these, the Belgae are the bravest/strongest, Julius Cesare in Gallic wars book

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Limited edition, fifty five and counting

In 1960 a group of like minded friends in Paris, including several involved in sponsorship of the Tour de France, decided to ride to the ultra chic coastal resort of Deauville, a distance of some 220km. The event was such a success that plans were immediately laid to meet again the following year for a repeat and in that moment the Club Paris Deauville was born. Read more »

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Old stone and wood windmills still dominate the Mallorcan landscape. They remind me of one of my favorite epic stories, which just so happens to take place right down the road. Just as Sancho Panza faithfully followed Don Quixote de la Mancha — the neither of them ever very certain where they were going, yet totally confident of their destination with every step (at least the taller of the two) — I followed Sky Procycling’s Ian Boswell around this island for 10 days by horseback, er by bicycle.

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norway13 (1)

Guest Entry // Images & Text Courtesy of Carsten Jensen

Until a few months ago, we’d never heard of Åfjord in Norway. The first time was when David, who has settled in the area, came into Velo Pavé and described it as the perfect place to ride.

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Guest Blog
A visiting American pro cyclist shares his thoughts on just what makes this time of year so special… and, er, hairy.

This time of year is special to us roadies for so many reasons. There’s the obvious holiday connotation, with fantastic food, family, and good times around the fireplace. There’s also the extra allowances that even the most serious of us can still make, with race season still a bit down the road.

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Guest Blog
By Dave Smith

Send me your headwinds – the strong, the weak, the angled, the brick wall headwinds, the summer mistral, the winter arctic – I’ll have them all.

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I unzipped my jacket, letting the flowing December air cool my core. I removed my glasses, then engaged in the all-too-familiar struggle to securely tuck them inside the front of my helmet. I took a sip from my bottle. I put my head down and took an odd comfort in the sweat dripping from the tip of my nose.

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Duke of Wellington / Napoleon Bonaparte

As the Pretenders once sang, there’s a fine line between love and hate. And possibly no International relationship sums this up better than the one between you and us, between the French and the English, the Frogs and the Roast Beefs.

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